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Profile – Dominic Sikuka

Tell us about your responsibilities as GM for Africa

I joined the company in 2010 and am responsible for the implementation of the company’s business strategy in Africa. I am involved in identifying and developing projects in Africa relating to pipe systems: installations for raw water, sewer, industrial developments and hydropower. The position involves further developing our customer’s businesses and creating the awareness that our product is the preferred pipe material. It is a position that drives Fiberpipe into Africa.

 What projects is the company involved in throughout Africa?

Fiberpipe’s products have been used in many projects throughout Africa including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. If one looks at many of the developing cities in Africa, their populations have grown considerably over the last decade. The water reticulation systems were in most cases designed for small populations, but the influx of people from the rural to the city, has actually overloaded most of these reticulation systems, so our pipes are basically finding ground in those countries. Some of our more recent projects in Africa include the Beitbridge sewer reticulation, comprising a 1.2km pipeline which is currently being installed; for Mutare City Council, the installation of a 71km pipeline; for Zambeef in Zambia, the installation of a large diameter pipeline, where water is extracted from the Zambezi River, and flows to a farm next to Lusaka.


What markets are you products suitable for?

Traditionally irrigation has been our main market. We have our products in other industries including sewer reticulation and hydropower. There has, in more recent years been an increase in hydropower projects in Africa and we are currently involved in three hydropower projects in Zimbabwe. Hydropower is environmentally friendly, and with the increase in power shortages, these mini hydro-power systems are being developed by private sector. In other countries the power sectors have been opened up to external/private companies.


What makes Fiberpipe stand out from the rest?

Fiberpipe is a unique company that provides the full, complete pipeline system including fittings, in other words we can design the entire pipeline with GRP pipes from start to finish. Our products are low weight with considerable strength, non-corrosive and have an extensive lifespan. We have the products for the future, but made available today. When you install a full GRP pipeline, you are looking at reducing your running costs significantly. We as Fiberpipe are different from other companies in that we provide a ‘field technical service’ during and after installation. No other company does that. Fiberpipe’s business in Africa is growing considerably day-by-day and we are conquering Africa. We are the pipeline company for the future.

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