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The youth are our future

The War on Leaks project was launched in Mamelodi in March 2014. This project will see 200 youths benefiting from a skills development programme and basic plumbing job opportunities within the City of Tshwane as part of the Tshepo 10 000 initiative over the next three years.

Fiberpipe has responded to the call of Government for private sector involvement in addressing the socio-economic challenges faced by our country in order to realise the objectives expressed in the National Development Plan Vision 2030, and has partnered with the Department of Water Affairs in addressing these challenges. 

This project aims at eradicating water leaks, which will significantly reduce the volume of unaccounted for water, currently estimated at 7 billion Rand per annum. The War on Leaks project aims to remedy this situation by providing training of the youth with basic plumbing skills and job creation in this field. Of the 200 beneficiaries that will be participating in the project, 66.5% are young women, and all the beneficiaries are within the age group 18 to 35 years of age.

Fiberpipe have expressed their support to the Honourable Deputy Minister and her Department in launching the War on Leaks programme in Tshwane, by donating 20 Plumbing Tool Kits and 220 T-Shirts to the value of R300 055-00.

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