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Project - Berekisanang Farm

Fiberpipe supplied the main pipeline of 3.5km for the Berekisanang Farm project. This is an empowerment development of some 500 hectares near Upington, in an area located outside Kakamas, in the Northern Cape Province. The farm is being developed on vacant land and incorporates the latest technologies and agronomy practices.

The Berekisanang Empowerment Farm is a greenfield citrus and table grape operation. To-date 400 hectares of the farm have been developed and the first grape harvest is expected to be produced later this year.

Kobus Strydom, an Irrigation Consultant for Agrico, explains the background to the project. Agrico was involved in doing a survey of the entire area and the planning on the main water line, the pump stations and irrigation systems. The company undertook the design of the irrigation system and supplied most of the irrigation material for the project.

Fiberpipe’s pipeline is used to pump water from the main canal to a reservoir, from where it is distributed to the various irrigation systems.

Heinrich Mostert – Fiberpipe’s branch manager for Cape Town, says that the Fiberpipe team were involved throughout the project, from the time when the bulk of the pipes arrived on-site. Jannie Liebenberg in his position as Area Field Manager provided training to the contractor - TR Plant Hire. Fiberpipe has worked with the contractor on several projects in the area.

The specification of the Flowtite GRP pipes include: 1848m, DN700 PN10 SN5000 and 1750m, DN800 PN10 SN5000. Heinrich says that they made use of nesting, where the DN700 pipe was nested inside the DN800 pipe, which overall provided a saving on transport costs.

Commenting on Fiberpipe’s work on the project, Kobus says: “Jannie Liebenberg’s advice was invaluable. The contractor who was selected for the project has previous experience with the product, as they have installed quite a few kilometres of Fiberpipe’s products in previous pipelines. Together with the training offered by Jannie, a very good outcome was achieved”.

“Job opportunities were created for the local communities and we are proud to be associated with projects like this” comments Heinrich.

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