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Profile - Wilhelm Venter

Wilhelm Venter has recently been appointed as Fiberpipe’s Logistics Manager. This position includes managing all aspects of the quality management system relating to purchasing, order intakes and deliveries.

Currently the department has 18 staff members, who are responsible for various functions covering everything from supply chain control, stock, stores, document control through to dispatch.

Wilhelm has been with the company since 2003, where he started in the production department as a machine operator, working in the different production lines. In 2006 he moved to the logistics department with his most recent position being supply chain controller.

“Fiberpipe has a number of document management systems that effectively assist in streamlining processes such as an Enterprise Resource Planning and in 2012 Fiberpipe introduced an electronic archiving system that stores all documentation from quotations, orders, all production data to finally the POD. We have a current project running that involves scanning all documentation from the very first project received for pipes manufactured under the Flowtite and Vectus brand names” says Wilhelm.

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