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Youth Water Summit 2014

The Youth Water Summit hosted by the Department of Water and Sanitation took place in June, during Youth Month. Fiberpipe is proud to have been part of this event that targets learners and educators from various schools all around the country.

Through the implementation of the school based education programme called the 2020 Vision Programme, grade R to 12 learners are to be able to identify water problems in their communities and develop inventions to address them. These inventions are presented during Youth Water Summit which is held annually during Youth Month. The Summit creates an opportunity for young people to share knowledge that has been acquired during the implementation of the 2020 Vision Programme, as well as getting to know each other, being exposed to the water value chain through outings which gives the learners practical experience, as well as the opportunity to engage with water experts through lectures and exhibitions to get a better understanding of water related issues and create awareness about water sector careers.

Fiberpipe was present throughout the week’s activities that took place at the Youth Water Summit. The company had an exhibition stand and was a sponsor of the event by providing t-shirts for the learners. Bantu Mselana, manager of Fiberpipe’s Legacy Programme, gave an insight into the Wonga Madi Legacy Programme by the National Department of Water Affairs in partnership with Fiberpipe.

The programme overall builds the capacity of the state and society, by addressing youth unemployment through a specialised skills development programme within a specific sector that will create an enabling environment for job creation, whilst achieving the national imperatives highlighted in the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030.

More than 25.4% of water is lost through leaks in the system. This programme further strengthens and intensifies the War on Water Leaks and overall addresses the challenges facing the water sector.

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