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Upgrading Infrastructure whilst Protecting the Environment

A project in the province of the Northern Cape has addressed the critical needs of the population growth in the area, whilst ensuring that the surrounding environment is not compromised.

The Homevale waste water treatment works (WWTW), have undergone a significant upgrade. The capacity of the works, have been increased by fifty per cent, which will ensure that whilst today's needs are met, waste water from future developments taking place in the area will also be accommodated for. The site of the Homevale WWTW is located within the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality (LM) and is significant, in that the plant treats waste water for the entire city of Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape Province.

About the upgrade

The upgrade to the Homevale WWTW is an additional phase of the Kamfers Dam project. Previously, partially treated sewage was being discharged directly into Kamfers Dam. The situation was critical, the WWTW had been operating above its original design capacity, which resulted in hydraulic overloading, thus impacting on the quality of the final effluent. Over and above the infrastructure requiring an upgrade to provide additional capacity that would cater for the growth in the area, the Homevale plant was also in urgent need of maintenance. The Sol Plaatje Municipality identified the urgent need to increase the treatment capacity of the works.

According to Fiberpipe's Field Services Manager Roy Caldeira, the upgrade to the Homevale WWTWs was undertaken for two main reasons. "Firstly, to increase the treatment capacity of the works so that Kimberley's waste water can be treated to an acceptable standard required by the Department: Water an Sanitation. Then, from an environmental perspective, to significantly improve the quality of waste water being discharged," says Caldeira.

Effluent will no longer be pumped to the Kamfers Dam, but will be discharged into the Vaal River by a 25km pipeline. The Vaal River is an important eco system and source of water. It supplies water to more than 12 million consumers in Gauteng and surrounding areas.

Fiberpipe's involvement in the Homevale WWTW upgrade started in 2013 and the company has supplied their GRP FLOWTITE™ pipes for this project. Caldeira provides the technical specifications of their product used in this project. "A total of 584m of DN 1200, 600, 800 and 1000 mm FLOWTITE™ pipes have been used in various stages of the project. For this project the pressure is at 6 bar and the stiffness at 5000 n/m".

The Lesser Flamingos

Kamfers Dam, located 6 km north of Kimberley is home to the largest population of Lesser Flamingos in Southern Africa.

In 2006, a flamingo breeding island was constructed at Kamfers Dam, resulting in the Lesser Flamingo's being bred in South Africa for the very first time. By the year 2008, Kamfers Dam was home to several thousand chicks.

However, partially treated sewage found its way into Kamfers Dam from the Homevale WWTW. This had a critical impact on the quality of the water, as well as the flamingos.

This project will ensure the sustainability of this large population of threatened species of flamingos.

According to Caldeira, Fiberpipe's FLOWTITE™ technology has been installed and work on the Kamfers Dam pipeline is complete. The line is now partially in operation, awaiting final completion of the Homevale WWTW.

Fiberpipe has played a significant role in the Kamfers Dam project by supplying more than 27km of GRP pipes for various phases of the project.

About the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality

The Sol Plaatje LM is located within the Frances Baard District Municipality district of the Northern Cape Province. It includes the famous diamond mining city of Kimberley. With a population of more than 248 000, the Sol Plaatje LM represents 65 % of the District Municipality's total population.

About Fiberpipe

Fiberpipe's mission is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of GRP pipes and fittings to users, owners, installers, traders and utility managers in civil engineering, mining, industrial, and agricultural market segments located in Sub- Saharan Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.

Fiberpipe is the only manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa of FLOWTITE™ glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipes and fittings. The company manufactures pipe and fittings locally for the use in potable, raw, sea, industrial, waste, sewer and bulk water applications. Fiberpipe assists with advisory services for choice of material, calculation for projects, as well as on-site technical field support during the installation process.

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