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FLOWTITE’s integral part in the development of the Free State Province

Over the past 8 years Bloemfontein has been suffering with several sporadic water shortages. This is mainly due to the siltation of the Welbedacht Dam, which has decreased from the original 115 million m3 to approximately 16 million m3 during the fourty four years since it was built, that is a mere 13% of the original scoped capacity. Another reason was the end of a lifespan of an existing pipeline.

In order to save on costly exercises such as the Novo Transfer system, where water is released from Rustfontein dam four times a year to supply the water required in Bloemfontein, alternative water resources were investigated. Therefore, Mangaung Metro Municipality had adopted a strategy to utilise local resources to its full potential by re-circulating as much of the waste water as possible, instead of transferring water from the Novo Transfer system. Every drop of waste water that is purified by recirculation will ensure less water will be transferred from the Welbedacht dam (Caledon River) or possibly the future planned Gariep dam scheme (Caledon and Orange Rivers), making Bloemfontein more self-sustainable.

1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S12
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S10
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S6

The construction of the proposed pipeline will enable the municipality to transport treated waste water, which conforms to the Department of Water and Sanitation’s standards, from the existing sewage plants to Mockes dam. From here, the water will flow to Maselspoort dam and treated at the Maselspoort Water Treatment Works (WTW) to potable water standards, when required.

But before any of this can become a reality there are several upgrades that are required to infrastructure in the area. The existing Bloemspruit Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) was hydraulically overloaded and a new WWTW was required to relieve the load on the existing facility, and so the New North Eastern WWTW was constructed. This was phase 1 of the bigger scope of work in which Fiberpipe supplied 1970m of FLOWTITE™ GRP pipes in diameters ranging from 300mm – 1400mm. The construction of the North Eastern WWTW started in February 2013 and now benefits approximately 45 000 people and in the long term will provide sewerage services to the community in the area. Diversion of the wastewater flow from the existing Bloemspruit WWTW to the new North Eastern WWTW also allowed the municipality to undertake necessary maintenance work on the Bloemspruit works.

1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S1
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S2
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S3

Phase 2, started in August 2015, an 1100m DN800/ PN6/ SN5000 FLOWTITE™ pipeline was constructed that forms part of the original New North Eastern WWTW. This Rising Main line is the treated water “discharge” pipe or outfall that starts at the WWTW, this is also the start of another phase of pipeline which is an estimated 17000m that will connect the outfall pipeline to Mockes Dam where the final treated water will be discharged into for recycling.

The entire original New North Eastern WWTW project uses FLOWTITE™ GRP pipe, which was determined by the Consulting Engineer to be the most cost effective option. The Mangaung Metro Municipality have used GRP over the years and are also aware of the cost effectiveness of our product, ease of installation and very good life span coupled with little or no maintenance requirements. FLOWTITE™ was the pipe of choice for the North Eastern WWTW because of our flexible manufacturing process, which allows a variety of diameters in different lengths and custom made fittings to be manufactured to the specific need of the project. 

The latest project underway since July 2016 includes further extensions to the North Eastern WWTW with approximately 672m of FLOWTITE™ pipes ranging from DN500 to DN1200. This once again shows that FLOWTITE™has become the pipe of choice for the Mangaung Metro Municipality in Bloemfontein.

1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S9
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S8
1061 Fiberpipe GRP Sewer Pipes S7

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